Get a welcome bonus of 144$
Interesting promotions in 1xBet bonus

Interesting promotions in 1xBet bonus

In addition to the welcome 1xBet bonus, the bookmaker offers customers other promotions. One of these is held until December 2, 2018 under the name “Stopped. Put.

He left.” After the agreements signed by BC 1xBet.

The cars are different, but the rules are the same 1xBet bonus Nigeria. To try to win a car, you need to make at least one bet on the matches of the selected football club. Rate coefficient – not lower than 1.5. The winner will be randomly selected as a result of the draws to be held on December 9 at the stadiums of the three clubs Nigeria.

Another action is associated exclusively with FC Abuja. Each week during the season, club season ticket holders participate in a 1xBet prize draw.

Bettors must predict 10 events of the next meeting of their favorite team on the operator’s resource Abuja:

  • Correct score
  • The exact score of the first half.
  • The exact score of the second half.
  • Number of angular.
  • Number of alerts and deletes bonus 1xBet.
  • How many offsides will be?
  • Who will start the game first from the center of the field.
  • The number of compensated minutes to the second half.
  • Total Parity bonus 1xBet

The prizes of this tote are given to those who guessed from five outcomes. For 5 predictions 1xBet, the free bet is based on 100 dollars, for 6 – 300 dollars, For 7 – for 500 dollars., For 8 – for 1000 dollars., For 9 – for 3000 dollars. All predicted outcomes will bring the player a Nissan Qashqai car how to redeem 1xBet bonus.

Get a welcome bonus of 144$

How to withdraw 1xBet bonus in real

How to withdraw 1xBet bonus in real

How to bet using a bonus? If there are several winners, priority is given to the person who previously left the forecast. Prizes are awarded in the seven-day period after the announcement of the results.

1xBet bonus terms and conditions: from April 15 to July 15, 2018 1xBet played 100 cars how to redeem the bonus. The conditions were even simpler: place a bet of 100 dollars with a coefficient of 1.5 and higher.

For a bet on this amount, the bettor received one game coupon with the opportunity to win a car. The larger the stakes, the more coupons, which means more chances to win the main prize.

Get a welcome bonus of 144$

1xBet jackpot bonus condition

How to withdraw 1xBet bonus? In order not to get into trouble, you must carefully read the conditions for providing bonuses.

As a rule, in order to withdraw these funds, they must be put down several times, moreover, in rates such as “Express” and with odds not lower than the agreed level welcome bonus 1xBet. For beginners, this result is almost unattainable.

Remember: a bonus is not a means to earn money, but only a way to increase your gaming excitement. Perfect scheme!

Get a welcome bonus of 144$

How to bet using 1xBet bonus: tips for beginners

1xBet bonus

Professional 1xBet bonus conditions players have developed some tips that will help beginners early in their careers:

  • First of all, it is worth deciding what bets are for you. In the bookmakers you can regularly earn good money 1xBet bonus withdrawal. Or you can occasionally bet on your favorite team. Accordingly, the approach to choosing a reliable bookmaker for bets should be different. If bets are fun for you, you can contact almost any bookmaker. If work, develop your own strategy and choose a bookmaker according to your requirements 1xBet jackpot bonus.
  • Betting is worth in large offices, with a history and reputation. A one-day firm can raise money from a certain number of players – and you will not see either the firm or the money anymore. Solid bookmakers value their reputation.
  • Do not winning on scanty odds: even a favorite can lose or reduce the match in a draw. And each such loss is expensive for betting players. You should not bet if the odds are many times higher than the offers of other bookmakers: such bets are often canceled.
Get a welcome bonus of 144$

Basic principles of winning bets 1xBet bonus withdrawal

Develop your own strategy. For beginners, the “fixed rate” or “fixed interest” strategies are great. Depending on the selected part of the bank, you can make dozens of bets, learn how to predict and decide whether the selected bookmaker is suitable for further work.

Say no to psychological attitudes. If you came to earn money, refuse to divide teams into beloved and unloved. Each bet should be considered.

Each bookmaker develops own betting line, list, calculates odds. For some matches the best offers are made by the Betting League or Leon, for others – 1xBet. Choose 2-3 reliable bookmakers with the best deals sign up and bet on sports.

Get a welcome bonus of 144$

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